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Introducing: The Fixed Calendar!

I stumbled upon the concept of "fixed calendars" a few weeks ago, and found the concept fascinating.  Fixed calendars remain the same (almost) every year.  There's no need to purchase a new calendar every month.  My favourite pre-existing fixed calendar was Symmetry010. (You can read about it here.)  However, like most calendar proposals, it lacks duality.

Obviously, I need to be able to use both revised and Gregorian dates in order to effectively communicate with my traditionalist friends.  Using the same month names in both systems would cause confusion in this setting.  My calendar solves this problem.  Instead of using the traditional Gregorian month names, I used Latin number prefixes.  This not only corrects the wrong prefixes of some Gregorian months, but creates a very formal and easily understood month system.

Like the Symmetry010 system, there is a leap week every 5 or 6 years.  This week is separated from Dozenary, and resides in it's own "mini-month".  This leap week usually keeps days within 3 days of the standard Gregorian calendar, so the seasons are barely shifted around.

Some benefits of this calendar include the fixed positioning of all holidays and birthdays.  Remember those random holidays that occur "every second Tuesday of November"?  They're gone.  If it's the same calendar every year, there's no need to remember holidays like that.  They happen on the same day, every year, forever.

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