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Calculated Monospace Redux [Font Specimen]

Who knew professional font specimens could be so easy?

I recently finished designing my font using FontStruct, and decided it would be appropriate to add a professional font specimen.  I turned to wikipedia for ideas, and found that they all looked the same.  It turns out the specimen were generated using the technologies contained in Font Specimen Creator - specifically, ImageMagick.

I downloaded Cygwin (Bash for Windows), installed ImageMagick for Cygwin, and borrowed the script from the Font Specimen Creator website to get me started.  Some color choices, nudging, and text input, and I was finished!  I've shared my script for your convenience.

convert -size 396x486 xc:'#E9E5CD' -font 'font.ttf' -pointsize 25 -draw 'fill #83c8eb rectangle 0,486 486,300' -fill '#415475' -annotate +20+38 'Calculated Monospace Redux' -fill black -pointsize 50 -annotate +20+115 "Aa Ee Rr" -font 'font.ttf' -annotate +20+180 "Bb Gg Jj" -font 'font.ttf' -fill '#415475' -pointsize 60 -annotate +140+270 'Waffles' -fill white -pointsize 50 -annotate +100+466 "0123456789" -pointsize 150 -annotate +300+190 "A" -fill black -pointsize 40 -annotate +20+350 "abcdefghijklm" -annotate +20+395 "nopqrstuvwxyz" specimen.png

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